Manan Shah, CEO Of Avalance, Is Changing The Way Of Marketing “PULZ”

Avalance Global Solutions :-: Avalance delivers digital transformation and technology services from ideation to execution, enabling Global 2000 clients to outperform the competition. “Born digital,” Avalance takes an agile, collaborative approach to creating customized solutions across the digital value chain.


Manan Shah, CEO and co-Founder of Avalance, established his start-up two years ago, and for him, the sky is the limit. With clients across the globe, Avalance aspires to become a Fortune 500 company within the next five years. Manan started off by training young techies all over India, while they were still in college. This made him discover the potential of his work in India and abroad and he was quick to realize the importance of both competence and knowledge in cyber security. This became his USP going forward.

Someone who can do something which is not yet visible to others. Sherlock Holmes, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, all of them were hackers, geeks, nerds or whatever you may call them. You create or see something which goes beyond people’s imagination. We, as ethical hackers, are being asked to tear our clients’ IT Setups down and search for flaws in their system. And then of course we provide end-to-end solutions to fix the flaws and maintain the system accordingly. We eat, drink, sleep, walk, cyber security 24 by 7”. – Manan Shah

Avalance faces competition from the big four and a few start-up’s. They focus solely on cyber security compared to others for whom it is just one of the many services they provide. Having specialized in cyber security has worked to their advantage.

Manan says, “People aren’t just coming and saying ‘Can you build us an application?’ They’re saying ‘Can you build us a safe application?’ And that’s where we come in. Today if you see the connectivity of individuals, almost 2.2 billion people are connected over the internet. That’s more than one third of humanity. This connectivity implies that a massive amount of personal data, which people take for granted, is shared on Facebook and Google. What they forget is that Facebook and Google is not the ‘government’, they’re not an NGO. At the end of the day, they are profit making private organizations and you’re risking your personal data on their servers with the assumption that Google is not going to read your mails, but that’s not true. So there needs to be awareness and a kind of culture needs to be embedded into people where they understand that it’s not safe when they use such platforms for their personal information.”

By Introducing Pulz, Avalance Changes The Way Marketing

Pulz introduces a new marketing technique which is proximity marketing. Since smartphones has brought new evolution in the world of marketing. Whatever we want is available online. Why will we go out for shopping when we can do it online sitting at home or in our convenient time ? Due to online commerce, offline commerce is facing problems in their sales.

The obvious question from offline commerce business owners is “How to attract people to offline commerce ?” And the answer is Pulz.

Lets understand Pulz with an example.

Suppose a user wants to buy a shirt. When he’ll pass by a store then Pulz will attracts the user with a contextual message that there is 20% discount on a shirt. It’ll surly attract the user and will bring the user to check what the store has to offer. Pulz helps the offline commerce.  With Pulz a business owner can target the nearby people. This will help in increasing the offline commerce sale.

Manan Shah says “Pulz is precise, Potential and Powerful”. He further explains how Pulz will benefit the Business and the customers. Pulz uses a technology called iBeacon. iBeacon is a tiny devices when installed in a business premise understands the adjacency of users. Pulz create a new experience in shopping by sending contextual information on your smart phone. Pulz transforms these tiny beacons into a virtual assistant so that it than communicates with the users smart phones based on their context. Pulz uses bluetooth to communicate with the smart devices nearby and GPS to measure the precise distance of Pulz user from the becon if self and Internet to communicate with the Pulz cloud server.

Manan adds that “Mobile phone users will not have to worry about the battery drainage as Pulz uses iBeacon which runs on Bluetooth low energy” which means Pulz uses only a fraction of your battery power.

Pulz sends personalized messages and offers to its customers which increase the number of customers for the businesses which is surly a better experience for both the customers and business owners. It sends the information about the available products, discount coupons, ratings and feedback given by other users. It sends the right message at the right time. Pulz gives faster reviews and social recommendations. Pulz has a power to generate leads as it has an option to drop a card so if the user in even around the business location can drop a card and has to not physically come to the reception to drop a card.

Manan Shah says “Pulz also does right analytics for business as marketing is not all what a business needs. A right analytics also plays a very important role in business. Pulz does the analysis of no of cards in queue, No of cards received, No of brochure requested, No of recommendations and users connected through social media, Individual analysis like no of footfalls daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. This all helps in tracking and optimizing the business campaign for many powerful insights.”

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Manan Shah, CEO Of Avalance, Is Changing The Way Of Marketing “PULZ”

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